Hpuh Pacahpeu (Poo pa-ja-poo) Is Sponsored!

Hpuh Pacahpeu (Poo pa-ja-poo)

Place Kae Noi, Thailand

Age 12

Name Hpuh

Gender Male

Grade 1st

Language(s) Spoken Lahu, Burmese, Thai

Favorite Game or Sport Soccer

Favorite Color Green

Favorite Food Fried Chicken

When I Grow Up I want to be a pastor.

Hpuh arrived at the orphanage four months ago (April 2022).  He has lived with his aunt most of his life due to the fact that his parents were unable to care for him. He has not seen his parents since he was very young. He is excited to attend school and the pastor of his church recommended he live at the orphanage, so he has better opportunities including access to education. He loves to play with friends, his favorite holiday is New Years, and his favorite animal is a dog – he loves puppies!