Nidanuk (Nah-kah-nuk) Is Sponsored!

Nidanuk (Nah-kah-nuk)

Place Kae Noi, Thailand

Age 12

Name Nidanuk (Nah-kah-nuk)

Gender Female

Grade 3

Language(s) Spoken Thai, Lahu

Favorite Game or Sport Volleyball

Favorite Color Blue

Favorite Food Fried Rice with Chicken

When I Grow Up I want to be a doctor.

Nidanuk was born in Thailand and has lived at the Kae Noi orphanage since 2015 - arriving at the age of 5. Her mother lived at the orphanage during its initial inception; she finished fifth grade and then went to live in a nearby village. Her mother was married to a young man in a Thai village at a young age. Nidanuk's father was a drug courier and was killed as a result. Her mother remarried another drug courier who was also killed as a result.