Does my monthly donation go straight to the child’s family?

Through GROW Thailand, you’re connected with one specific child, but your monthly sponsorship donations are pooled for maximum effectiveness. This means that instead of giving direct benefits to only one child, you join forces with other sponsors to benefit all children at the Kai Noi orphanage. Your generosity helps to ensure that all of the children receive improved living conditions, nutrition, access to medical care, and education.

If I must discontinue my child sponsorship, what happens to the child I'm helping?

We understand that your circumstances and giving budget may change, so you can cancel your child sponsorship at any time. If you need to discontinue your child sponsorship, we will immediately look for a new sponsor for your child and continue the child's sponsorship support without interruption. You may cancel the sponsorship through your account or by email at the address listed above. We appreciate your support and generosity!

What does sponsoring a child mean?

When someone sponsors a child, it means a supporter has entered into a supportive relationship with a child. It means not only providing the financial support, but the opportunity to provide the emotional support to encourage healthy development.

What does sponsoring a child do?

When you sponsor a child with GROW Thailand, you help provide resources and opportunities needed to succeed. Through child sponsorship, your sponsor child will receive personal care and opportunities they would otherwise not have access to. Examples include medical checkups, healthy food, improved living conditions, education assistance, and key life skills training. Most importantly, sponsoring a child gives you and the child an opportunity to see the truth of the gospel in action.

How much does it cost to sponsor a child?

The cost to sponsor a child through GROW Thailand's sponsorship program is only $38 per month.

Does GROW Thailand sell, rent, or trade donor information (e.g. mailing and e-mail addresses) to other agencies?

No, GROW Thailand will not sell, rent, or trade any information about you to other organizations or agencies. We are committed to earning and keeping your trust, and for that reason, would never pass details or information about you on to anyone else.

What is a GROW Thailand sponsor?

A sponsor is someone who has made the decision to personally invest in the life of a child in need. Sponsorship enables the below four pillars of provision:

  • Physical/Practical Needs (i.e. general hygiene, clothing, and nutritional needs)
  • Life Skills Training (i.e. cleaning, cooking, writing, verbal, safety, and survival)
  • Bible Teaching (i.e. bible navigation, interpretation, and prayer)
  • Personal Contact (i.e. fostering and developing positive relationships)

Through sponsorship, your sponsor child will develop a sense of confidence and self-worth with the love you express through letters and prayers.

How is my sponsorship money spent?

GROW Thailand pools sponsorship contributions and uses the funds toward the collective benefit of all children at the Kai Noi orphanage. GROW Thailand has chosen to work through a local partner because we believe local ownership of change is fundamental to the social change process. Our local partner is responsible for delivering the programs and services the children need at different stages of their lives, and the pooled funds allow them to serve children, families and their communities effectively.

What is the difference between a partial and full sponsorship?

Monthly child sponsorship is $38 per month. You may also share the cost of sponsorship with another individual thus making the monthly cost only $19 per month. Either way, your gift of sponsorship will have a significant impact on your sponsor child’s life. Remember, 100% of your sponsorship contribution goes directly to caring for the children at Kae Noi.

Can I give a gift to my sponsor child?

To equally love and care for each child we serve without showing partiality, GROW Thailand does not allow sponsors to send individual gifts to their sponsor child. It’s not a problem to add color and photos to your letters, but we do not allow sponsors to mail directly to the orphanage. However, GROW Thailand does provide gifts to all of the children throughout the year and you will have the opportunity to participate in those initiatives. For example, every year, GROW Thailand offers a “Christmas Blessing” to the children and they have received clothing, shoes, backpacks, school supplies, etc. and individual donors have the opportunity to participate – watch your email for opportunities. If you wish to give an additional monetary gift beyond your monthly sponsorship donation, the money will be put towards special initiatives all the children can enjoy together. Additional financial contributions can be made by check or online at Checks should be made out to GROW Thailand and mailed to P.O. Box 951, Mankato, MN 56001.

How does correspondence with my sponsor child work?

The exchange of letters allows you to create a relationship with your sponsor child. Your sponsor child will probably have only one person from whom they will receive letters, and it’s you. Our local partners are constantly reminding us how much the children love to receive letters!

You can write in English as all letters are translated to your sponsor child’s spoken language. This translation also explains the long delay between each letter. Far from the era of instantaneity, sponsorship is a good school of patience, and each letter takes on average two months to arrive, sometimes more in light COVID-related travel/visitation restrictions.

When writing, we recommend keeping it simple! You can write about topics such as seasons, holidays, traditions, family and pets, your job, hobbies, church, or your favorites (food, sports, activities, etc.). You may include photos of yourself and family, your favorite Bible verse or something God has been teaching you. Let them know you are praying for them!

Please keep in mind the children of Kae Noi are not as materially blessed as we are; therefore, avoid writing about the “stuff” you have. Lastly, do not share your phone number, address, or e-mail in your letter exchange.

What specific benefits will the child I sponsor receive?

The child you sponsor will receive opportunities for education and improved social skills, health and nutrition. Through sponsorship, you are providing the cost of school fees, clothing and supplies. In some cases, it may include tutoring, help with homework, encouragement and participation in a literacy program outside the classroom. Your sponsorship will allow one special child to stay in school longer if formal schooling is an option and get the most out of his or her education.

Additionally, sponsorship money improves your child’s health and nutrition. The health of the child you sponsor will be monitored and care will be provided as needed. Children are taught about hygiene and how to maintain personal health. In addition, the children are provided additional nutrition such as protein and fruit.

Your sponsor child is part of a Christ-focus mentoring program, providing love, guidance, personal attention, and guided recreation and safety. Your child is given the opportunity to hear the gospel and learn about Jesus.