Ja Heh (Jah-hey) Is Sponsored!

Ja Heh (Jah-hey)

Place Kae Noi, Thailand

Age 22

Name Ja Heh (Jah-hey)

Gender Male

Grade 12

Language(s) Spoken Lahu, Thai, Chinese

Favorite Game or Sport Takraw (foot volleyball without hands)

Favorite Color Black

Favorite Food Noodles

When I Grow Up I want to be an English translator.

Ja Heh has lived at the orphanage since he was five years old. His father and mother learned about an opium detox program sponsored by the Thailand government and came to Thailand to enroll. After a month, they disappeared and he is not sure what happened to them. After they disappeared, a relative brought him to the orphanage. Ja Heh is a senior leader at the orphanage who helps with various projects, including construction.