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Jakarin (Jah-car-in)

Place Kae Noi, Thailand

Age 11

Name Jakarin (Jah-car-in)

Gender Male

Grade 1

Language(s) Spoken Lahu, Burmese

Favorite Game or Sport Soccer

Favorite Color White

Favorite Food Chicken

When I Grow Up I want to be a teacher.

Jakarin's mother died when he was very young and his father is mute. His father hunts and gathers food in the jungle and sells at market for income. Due to his father being mute, he is socially withdrawn and stays deep in the forest. As a result, Jakarin stayed at home, was neglected care, and developed a speech impediment from his father not speaking and Jakarin being alone while growing up. However, when he sings, his speech impediment disappears and he has a beautiful voice!